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shaping change

I need to discover my boundaries, not so that I remain fixed and immutable but so that I don’t let my edges be gradually washed away by the tumultuous currents of change rushing around me. When I know what shape feels good, I can influence how the change flows past me, influence the path it takes in it’s journey to transform the world. My cells change, and each takes the pattern of the existing cells. Tiny disruptions get amplified as time continues, and key is to make sure that any path feels good.

Our duty is to be intentional. Being intentional about shaping change. Be intentional about creating more love in the world. 
My mission is to amplify love in the world, to be caring in my actions and to create more goodness out of a wasteland of aimlessness or self-destructive intention. 
Our duty is to be hyper-aware of if we’re letting hurting patterns influence us to internally shape change to create less goodness for others. This is our minimum. 
My goal is to intentionally shape change for more goodness. How can every action create waves of love to change the direction of our world. How can we let our consciousness expand outwards to a policy of not just do no harm, but do good. 

For example, if we strove to truly be intentional and exist only in lineages of love, we would not be able to buy mass produced products hurting other people and life. I think this is the challenge of our modern world. So much around us is so devoid of caring, that being caring and spiritual (that is, concerned about the spirit of existence) is a tough exercise. We are forced to be resisting as we’re pushing. 

I think of when at machane (camp) I sat on a rock that had been painted with caring, eating a pancake that had been made with caring out of a bowl that had been washed with some degree of caring. I think caring and intentional are the same feeling. At machane, every choice is intentional. At school, it is not. I think a terrible feeling is when our surroundings are structured so we feel as though or we actually have no other option- we have no other option but to drive. No other option but to eat processed food that hurts people. The hollow ring notification of my phone is not caring, is not made with love. Liberation is when we don’t need to smother that whisper of discomfort and can feel whole with every choice we make. 

I think this all points to a flaw in the premise of our world view: that the end justifies the means. Everything is structured around results - test scores, profit, how many people come to our march. I think the answer is to focus on how we feel in the process. We need to learn to be really attuned to our feelings, instead of smothering them to single-mindedly focus on our goal. Go slow enough to ask before each step - does this feel good? Does this feel right? I don’t think we can end up at a bad result if everything we took to get there was intentional and full of care. I love amb’s teaching to have full investment in the process and detachment from the result. I think we always need to be asking - what would a good outcome feel like? And then make sure that every step along the way feels like that.

Most of these ideas come from adrienne marree brown’s Emergent Strategy


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