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About me

Hi! I’m so glad you’ve found me here, and I hope you are too!

My name is Rebecca, and I’m a 15 year old high school student from Vancouver BC. I’m very passionate about protecting the Earth and am exceedingly concerned about the lack of sustainability in our actions as a society. I started this blog to share some of these concerns with the wider world and to (hopefully!) inspire and equip people to take action. To read more about my rationale behind starting this blog and what to expect from it, here is my first post, which describes this.

Other than the environment, I love learning about just about anything, including philosophy, science, and indigenous cultures. I also enjoy playing the violin, riding my bike, and spending time in the amazing outdoors of beautiful British Columbia! 


Popular posts from this blog

I'm Skipping School for Climate Emergency!

I'm in grade 11, and for one day a month, I skip school. Such action would normally be considered a petty teenage rebellion. However, with the threat of climate catastrophe hurtling towards us, we are not living in normal times. There is nothing radical about my desire for a livable future.
As teenagers, we want to be excited about our future, not scared for impending climate catastrophe. Skipping school to sit in the office of my Minister for the Environment, as I did last month, or to support a Climate Emergency proposal at City Hall, as I will next week, is a sacrifice, but it is one we had no choice but to make. How can I go to school when older generations do not abide by the lessons I am supposed to be learning?
In school, I'm taught to live by deadlines. Taking too long to complete a project will result in a significant drop in my grade. Climate scientists write the report cards on climate action, and they are telling us our governments are failing. The recent IPCC repor…

All One!

Last post, I wrote about how frustrated I am that we aren’t adequately addressing the environmental crises our planet is facing. But how do we do this? We need to take dramatic climate action this second, but we can’t just flip a switch and stop all greenhouse gas emissions immediately. The conclusion I tend to come back to is that we need to identify the root causes of our numerous sprouts of planetary destruction, and to address them in as holistic a way as possible.
If you had a fever, no appetite, and were throwing up, you would not treat all of these symptoms separately. Doing so might provide temporary relief, but you would be stuck indefinitely whacking the moles as they popped up unless you identified the underlying illness causing these ailments and found a way to heal that. I believe that one reason attempts to “save the earth” are largely ineffective is that they are attempts to ice the fever, instead of steps to procure and take the medicine.

In my opinion, one of these “bac…

Wake Up!

Frequently, I just want to yell at our world. Wake up! I want to say. What on earth do you think you are doing? The issue is, we’re not doing on earth, or even better, with earth. We’re doing to Earth, and, as a teenager, it is the Earth that my generation and I are going to inherit that this is being done to.
As an insightful activist once said, if you want to get yourself out of a hole, stop digging! This seems blindingly obvious, yet it is literally what humanity is doing right now with greenhouse gas emissions. Meeting after meeting is held attempting to negotiate how much we need to reduce and by when, with the former invariably ending up much too low, and the latter, too far into the future - a problem for the next government, the next generation, but not us. All the while, our emissions continue to climb.
Well, now is the time! It is us, or no one. We need to stop blaming others, stop arguing over percentages and dates, stop saying “well, so-and-so isn’t taking action!”. We need…